Pest Control in Shah Alam

Pest Control in Shah Alam

Sec pest control is efficient, effective and fast service and results in Shah Alam for homes and commercial properties. We will end the threat from infestations quickly and totally as pests can be a source of diseases, contaminate water and food supplies. Action must be taken fast and effectively to prevent more damage to your property, resulting in costly maintenance and repair bills.

Pest Control Shah Alam

Our experienced pest terminator team has a lot of experience in dealing with a wide range of common pest which includes rats, birds, wasps, termites, and even bed bugs. Pests give sleepless nights to people all over Shah Alam. We are here to help you win the battle against those pests. WhatsApp us now for help.

We have a special discount for you of up to 20% Join our membership program to qualify. Being a member has many advantages.

  • 24/7 Emergency pest control and help every day including weekends and public holidays.
  • Our services are discreet and effective.
  • Effective, efficient and rapid treatments and results with high-quality imported products.
  • Upon request, we can use non-evasive methods such as endoscopes, UV vacuum cleaners, and others.
  • Rapid response from our customer service and terminator team

Here Are Our Services In Detail

  • DMC Pest Control will carry out a detail inspection of your property before deciding on the treatment which depends on the level of infestation, entry points, and threat at the current situation.
  • We will employ the latest pest control products and equipment to make sure total eradication of the threats be it insects, rodents and even birds. The latest equipment used are as follows:

>> Ultra Violet vacuum cleaners to sterilize any antigens

>> Eco-Friendly pesticides so as not to harm the environment

>> Heat Treatment machines so as not to be invasive

>> Pigeon spikes so as not to harm the birds

  • Will we are at it, we will also pest-proof your home by blocking any entry points.Here are some methods to suit your choice and budget

>> Installing door brush to block access to small rodents and snakes from entering

>> Vent mesh to cover up all holes in the ventilation system

  • As a member, you will also receive a free consultation on pest control and advice on rodent and insect infestation problems. We will provide two additional visits to your property within 3 months after treatment to make sure the treatment has gone as planned or any further treatment needed.

What Is Our Pest Control Prices

All infestation is not the same and so are the treatment needed. The price varies accordingly depending on the size of the property, type of infestation and the number of treatment needed for complete pest removal and prevents any re-infestation. But you can rest assured that our price is the most reasonable and competitive.


Q: How long it takes for you to send your pest control team to attend to my problem?

We have a 24/7 customer care call center who will attend to your inquiries immediately. We will send a team to inspect your property on the same day if the call is before 2 pm and the very next day if after 2 pm

Q: What are the pest that you exterminate?

We are a very experienced company. There is no pest that we cannot handle or seen. We have successfully treated domestic and business premises all over Shah Alam. The common pests are wasps, ants, flies, spiders, pigeons, squirrels, snakes, fleas and bugs. There is no pest that we cannot remove or prevent re-infestation.

Other than pest extermination we also provide dead animal disposal and fumigation service for homes and business properties.

WhatsApp us today or fill in our contact us form and we will get back to you. Our experienced team will be able to handle your every enquiries and help you in choosing the best service for the pest infestations.